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Friday May 23, 2008 3:01 pm

SomethingStore Offers Gifts Sight Unseen

SomethingStore logoAre you the type that can never resist a grab bag? That’s the idea behind the SomethingStore, created after an inspiration by sites such as Woot.  For $10.00 (free shipping,) they will send you a random gift. What they choose could be a video game, retail gift card, software, designer jeans, a kitchen appliance, or gourmet chocolates. While it may be refurbished, the site promises that it will also be legal. If you are tempted, you are not alone. The SometingStore claims over 10,000 somethings have already been ordered.

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Does this operate in USA only ?

I will have to pass unless their is a chance my 10 dollars can win something worth a lot.

umm I am really skeptical about this… I feel like there has to be a catch because a lot of those items are worth more than $10—how are they paying for this?  I have looked on their site and they dont say anything about how they can afford this all…

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