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Friday May 30, 2008 3:20 pm

SnoMotes Don’t Mind the Cold

SnoMoteResearchers from Georgia Tech and Penn State have been working on 3 autonomous bots for cold locales such as Greenland and Antarctica. SnoMotes, funded by NASA, use cameras and sensors to navigate.The idea of the design actually came from a child’s snowmobile kit.The robots are sent to certain locations from base camps, then collect data for their handler. The scientist can then reassign location if necessary. Eventually the team is hoping that the prototype will have a full range of sensors. The Snomotes will be field tested in Alaska and on display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry next month.

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It’s quite interesting how a child’s snowmobile kit inspired scientists to create such a useful invention like this!  The SnoMotes are created to gather scientific data in cold climates.  This will definitely help scientists improve their research and get accurate results!  It’s amazing how robots are really helping us today.  Anyone see a future world of robots?  That would be scary!

thats amazing

in cold places where there little communication services available guess there really a need for this.very cool invention but still what kind of data it will carry would it be digital data if that the case wont it be easier to sent it via satellites signal.

These are actually quite a good idea, it saves man power going out to these locations, and potentially saves lots of time. Quite impressive.

They should make a Roomba snow shovel. That would be even cooler. OH YEAH!

the only problem i see with the snomotes is that they are so small and light weight one snow drift and they are gone

Nice info.robots are the future.

They have made a Roomba-ish snow shovel, and it’s basically useless in anything other than a Maritime climate.  It handled up to 2 inches of snow, were as us prairie folk get upwards 2 feet in a matter of hours.

As for the SnoMotes, I only hope it turns out better than this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnv5JP8gL_k

This is a great idea!  Why expose humans to the cold when we can protect them by sending the SnoMote!

so by the description it sounds like these vehicles are unmanned- is that the case?

I would like to ride me one of those. I’m pretty good for science so maybe this is a back up plan I guess.

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