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Wednesday June 25, 2008 2:20 pm

Smart Car Vending Machine

Smart Car

In a kind of belated April Fool’s joke, a vending machine was constructed in Japan that holds a full-size Smart Car. Located in the Smart Vendor in Shibuya station, you get to choose between a Coupe and Cabrio and deposit your $20,000.00 in the slot. While we realize this probably an incredible effective marketing ploy, we were thinking that we might go for the real thing since it wouldn’t involve smarmy automobile salespeople looking for commission.

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Haha that’s cute and in a way great advertising.  Props to their PR team.. I have one question though..  Does it take quarters? wink

I thought it was cute to. That defianately would catch someone’s eye. It is a great way to advertise I agree.

To be honest, I don’t even have a clue what to comment on. I’m just absolutely shocked and stunned by this vending machine. Okaaay, first we have medical marijuana vending machines in Los Angeles (yes, it’s true. LOL, Google it!), now we have a Smart Car vending machine in Japan. What’s next, military artillery vending machines on the border of Texas?

I would really like to be there when someone used that vending machine.  Who ever thought up this ad campaign is brilliant.  It gets information about the Smart Car out there. People can see it up close but they can not touch it, unless they buy it.  Very cool.

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