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Wednesday May 21, 2008 1:59 pm

Shinoda Plasma Flexible Display

Shinoda Plasma DisplayShinoda Plasma recently unveiled their new prototype display that functions as a curved or wrap-around screen. The 125-inch device is 1mm thick with a 3 x 1 meter plasma tube array (PTA) and a resolution of 960 x 360. The screen weighs only about 8 lbs., about 10 times less than most plasma displays. The company will be showing off their stuff at the InfoCom 2008 next month in Vegas and plans on working on a 150-inch (3 x 2 meter) version this fall, terrific news for those who live or work in tepees or light houses.

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playing simulator game with this baby will be good 360 degree view would be nice..
lol the res is low considering the size of this
but still the quality from the above pic look nice

I should get this for my house!  Too bad it costs a fortune… can you imagine playing a game on this?  I’m struggling just to fathom the experience…  I wonder when and if flexible plasma displays will become mainstream though

I can just dream about having those in my house…............

Playing Halo 3 on this would make me happy. Can somebody send me one of these for my b-day.

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