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Tuesday May 27, 2008 1:28 pm

Sharp CMOS Cam Module RJ63SC100

CMOS camSharp has come up with a teeny, tiny 5MP camera with auto-focus which they say is the planet’s smallest. Set to come out en masse in July, we suspect that the CMOS cam module RJ63SC100 will become available on some of their holiday handhelds and other mobile products. Maybe they will lend out the design for spy-stuff which also continues to get smaller and smaller. Then again, perhaps it will inspire other companies to beat the diminutive size so that they can have the smallest.

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Whats the point in that?! Surely nobody will find use of it.

Dooomkultus, that is a real coin.

spy cam that is.

“spy cam that is.”

It’s not the size that matter, but how you use it raspberry

I love it when things get small. I can’t believe its 5 megapixels. All you need is a wireless remote to be a superspy.

wow, 5 megapixels in that small of a camera?? that is insane!! I love these devices keep on getting smaller, but I fear they are almost getting too small now that they could be put to some rather sinister uses, such as spying on other individuals.  I am sure the CIA already has this technology already (if they dont, they should!)

yes, and theres the issue…
what if someone sits on it? XD
im sure this could be put to some good uses, on sunglasses for hidden surveillance, in rooms without being seen and many other places
even though i dont like most gadgets being made smaller i support this one! =]

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