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Wednesday May 21, 2008 9:23 am

SB Internet Phone Keyboard

Internet Phone Keyboard

This flexible SB Internet Phone Keyboard has a multi-functional voice communication keyboard, supports Skype, has a built-in mic, speaker, and 2 USB ports. At a size of 340 x 136 x 8mm and a weight of 242g, the peripheral has an ergonomic flat design with concave keycaps, a waterproof silicone surface, and can type silently. Supporting Windows XP/Vista, the keyboard is both storable and portable, and comes with an included cable at a price of $40.00.

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Hey, everything essential in one pack. And it isn’t even so expensive.

Woah, thatd be insane!  This thing would be great for plane rides!  The only thing cooler that I saw was this device that projected a laser image of a keyboard onto a surface.  That and where you could put these things on your fingers and type in the air.

Wow, that’s amazing.A foldable Keyboard.Not very expensive too.thanks for the information. smile

Looks like a winner to me. I like the fact that it can fold up so easily.  And inexpensive too.  wow

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