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Thursday May 29, 2008 3:12 pm

Sapparo Space Beer

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Science, Transportation

Space BarleyThis week, the Japanese brewing company Sapporo Holdings announced that it was creating a new “space beer.” They will be using the third generation of barley grain that had been stored on the ISS in 2006 for five months. Okayama University biologist Manabu Sugimoto, who teamed with Sapporo, claims that humans may have to grow their own food on extended space missions. While there is enough grain to make about 100 bottles, there are no plans to market it. We expect to see it on eBay by its due date in November.

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wow the future really does look bright.
maybe one day in the near future me and my will watch football while enjoying a bottle of space beer on mars

Space beer, what will they think of next? It would be great if we could use another planet such as Mars as a storage place for earth. Imagen about getting rid of our toxic and putting it on a planet with no life. Imagen how much better our environment will be!

Now beer makes its debut in space. You’d think they’d figure out how to make oxygen atmospheres on other planets so it’s habitat-friendly, but no. Teh beer ish moore impOrtaNt.

Well space makes you “lite headed” so this beer will make you SUPA SUPA crazy MON.

Thanks 4 the information Sheila.

I highly doubt they could do anything to beer to make it taste any less terrible.  A good 12+ year old single malt Scotch is the way to go.

All we need now is a a tap on the iss and its party time all over the world. But be quick, cause the iss travels around earth in about 90 minutes.

Well, I can see the ISS missions have been a smashing success!  Don’t we have more pressing issues to solve than making a “space beer”?  Well, regardless though it is still an interesting read—thanks for posting it.

I dont know what good this is doing anything or anyone. i myself dont drink, does have a funny name to it though, space beer, wonder if you drink this if you feel like your in space.

lol @buckeye
this certainly seem like a strange topic to be worrying about when there are so many more pressing issues
all the same being able to do this in space is somewhat of a break through i guess

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