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Monday June 2, 2008 1:58 pm

Samsung La Fleur T10 MP3 player

Le Fleur MP3 PlayerSamsung has unveiled its La Fleur T10 Special Edition MP3 player. Bluetooth 2.0 capable, the player is available in 5 colors. The 2-inch QVGA LCD touchscreen has a 320 x 240 res and supports WMV9, MPEG4, MP3 and WMA formats. It also features an FM radio/recorder, image/ text viewer, voice recorder, Samsung Media Studio, and DNSe 2.0 technology for enhanced sound. Released in Korea, contact Samsung for price and availability.

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Looks great in features and design, the touchscreen also completes the job.

Could it be iPod replacement?

This MP3 Player is unique with its elegant design of Art flowers, the user interface is available in five different colors, including red, pink, green, blue and purple.

It isn’t a ipod replacement,ipod is well established and no new product can outdo the ipod in a single go,it needs more than 1 generation to show its long term sustainability

Looks nice , but I still want the wifi for net surfing. The touch is for me.

I actually have one of these little things (well the original T10) and these things are sweet—the FM recorder is a nice touch, but the sound quality is very crisp and the screen is nice and large

I still like the iPod better, Apple’s iPod Touch is the best Music player on the market

This MP3 players may have tons of impressive features, it may even be the best one I have seen so far (besides the iPod). However, I could never replace my iPod with a regular old MP3 player. The main reason for this is the plain fact that I have and iHome, iHome2Go, and Griffin Evolve speakers. Although all of these have a line-in, I could never get myself to use an analog CABLE to connect my music player. Plus, it wouldn’t be able to charge while playing music. So no matter how promising something like this may seem to be, it just wouldn’t work for my needs.

512mb ipod,thats the shufle right?
i thought shuffle was 1 gb.

Looks futuristic.Ofcourse all Samsung products look great but i wish if they could integrate a VGA screen in that.

does the girl in the picture come with the mp3 player?  if so, I am thinking there will be a big rush on this mp3 player tomorrow!

This device is better than the iPod!  It has an FM Transmitter, can record, and can even play WMA videos/audio without having to convert them.  It’s cheaper in price than an iPod too.  I like how it supports bluetooth and the buttons are touchscreen.

That owns the iPod, but it would be good if ithad over 400 GB smile

Nice graphics indeed.

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