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Thursday May 22, 2008 3:26 pm

Robotic Tynamizer Mows Lawn

You’ve got your elite with their fancy Swedish Automowers that they adore so much they give them names, and then there are others who take a more ordinary approach by having a robot slave do the work for them, despite the rudeness of the family dog. The video of the Tynamizer is fairly amusing to watch but we were wondering a couple of things. Doesn’t the grass already look fairly short? And what happens when the extension cord runs out?


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dude the blade aren’t even cutting the grass..
look kinda wacky

Looks funny haha.

LOL I loved this video!  I actually just sent it to a couple people because its that funny!  But I wonder who will buy this in all seriousness, it seems to be a very niche market, and it definitely cant cut any real depth of grass…

I could use one of these little fellows right now. Do you think it could finish off a 2 acre lot in 1 hour. O well, time to mow.

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