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Tuesday April 8, 2008 1:26 pm

Should the Record Industry Offer Free Music?

Music Glue logoAn interesting meeting took place during the Song Summit Sydney (S3) in Australia. Mark Meharry, co-founder of Music Glue, said that consumers are changing and that the record industry will have to respond to the fact that there is now much more file sharing as opposed to purchase. He says that downloaders are music fans, not thieves.

Considering the fact that the current generation can get what they want without spending a dime, Meharry suggests they let the music be free and concentrate on other products available, such as music players or concert tickets. Some of the bands listed on Music Glue, which was started about a year ago, offers free downloads in exchange for an e-mail addy or small donation. We like the idea but suspect that this is a debate that will not end for quite a while.

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