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Thursday April 3, 2008 3:30 pm

Pregnancy Kit Gets USB Treatment

USB Pregnancy Test KitIs there nothing that cannot be adapted for USB? Apparently not, once we found this gadget. The p-Teq USB Pregnancy Test Kit works similarly to others with an absorbent test strip. You then connect the other end to your USB 2.0 port and the gadget does its thing. It also can tell by cycle if this is the time to try for that baby. After you finish the test, remove the device and dispose of the strip. And yes, it comes with 20 strips so it is reusable. Just be careful when testing to remember which end is which. The Test Kit is said to be 99% accurate and is available for $18.00 in the pickle aisle at ThinkGeek.

(By the way, who thinks April Fool’s jokes are only fun on the 1st?)

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