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Monday July 7, 2008 11:48 am

Potential Rogers iPhone customers livid at prices in Canada

Check out the above clip from a Canadian new story, reporting on the price gouging going on with Rogers Wireless over in the Great White North. We feel their pain, as the Rogers pricing plan is an utter rip-off. So much so, that some Rogers customers are even considering leaving their contracts behind with the company. For all the details on the plans, hit the video above, but the suckiest part is that you only get 400 MB of data on Rogers. That is nothing. Compare that to AT&T in the USA, where you get unlimited data with an iPhone plan.

Rogers says that their plans offer customers “high value bundles.” What? Potential customers have started a site over at Ruined iPhone to collect all the negative comments, and press associated with this story.

Here are some comments from some users over at FriendFeed:

  • Ouch. Sorry, Canada. - Hao Chen
  • I’m glad you saw this Chris, now you really know why I called you up to tell you how Canadians are not going to bother with the iPhone nor Rogers! - Michael Forian
  • Sucks. I’m on Rogers. :( - AJ Batac
  • Maybe the iPhone can be a positive thing to consumers to bring notice and hopefully positive change to the corrupt and greedy cell phone companies like Rogers. If I lived in Canada I definitely would not be buying an iPhone. Those plans are outlandish. :( - Chris Rodgers
  • Chris—http://www.ruinediphone.com/ - fotographic
  • I’m on Fido with an iPhone, which is owned by Rogers. My current plan is decent, but without unlimited data, the iPhone 3G loses its appeal entirely. - Granteezy
  • I agree with Granteezy. Will stick with my Blacberry Curve until I see the BB Bold. Then I will decide. Rogers data plans don’t look to appealing. - Stephen Kennedy
  • Thanks for the links fotographic. This is exactly what I mean about the iPhone. I hope this creates a stir and people leave Rogers or really show their disgust with the cell plans and not buy the iPhone. - Chris Rodgers
  • Thanks for the info. I will hold off getting the iPhone, as much as I really would like to have one. I presently own Apple’s touch, so I will console myself with the features it has and use my conventional smart phone. - Nellie Root
  • I am an iphone user in Canada. I was eagerly waiting for the 3g iphone - even at this moment, I am tempted to get it irrespective of how ridiculously priced the plans are but I won’t because I don’t like being taken for granted and also, if I got for it, I am basically vountarily lowering my pants, bending over and asking Rogers to go for it - and do the same to others… - Kamath
  • I had high hopes for the iPhone in Canada—http://tinyurl.com/6ea2rp—but with no unlimited data I’ll pass and go for a Nokia E71 instead… - Andrew Currie
  • Pretty Interesting Story - and when I was in Toronto recently, I saw how “money grubbing” Rogers Communications is. Makes you wonder how much bandwidth your consuming when you download anything? Does the iPhone tell you when your approaching your limit, according to the plan your subscribed to? I hope so. - Marshall Sponder

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