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Monday April 28, 2008 6:56 pm

Poll: When the iPhone goes 3G, will you buy one?

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Apple, Cell Phones, Features, Rumors

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Will you buy a 3G iPhone?

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Alright, so we know that the will be in our hands in the next couple of months. What we need to know from you guys is if it is enough to push you over the edge to buy. Do you already own an ? Are you happy with it to the point where you won’t be upgrading until it no longer works? Or are you the type to go sell it immediately so you can get the 3G version right away? We know there are even some of you out there who are disenchanted with this whole iPhone thing, and you guys stick with your Blackberrys, Windows Mobile phones, etc. In any case, let us know how all these recent iPhone rumors are affecting your psyche.

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I might, but only if AT&T;allows the iPhone to be added to a Family Share plan, rather than requiring its own separate plan.

A phone should be foremost a phone and many have mentioned iPhone’s bad sound. Until it becomes an excellent phone first, I will not buy one.

I’ll have to stay with my current non apple phone. My reason is the 2 year contract is a little steep in my opinion. I still will get an ipod touch if I see a price drop.

just waiting for my contract to T-Mobile to end this month and then I will get this bad Boy and it only cost $199 to boot can’t wait to get my hands on one

It looks like the majority of the people voted that they will buy one!  I wouldn’t buy one because you can only buy it with AT &T;service.  If there is like a really great feature that I think would benefit me then I would buy it.  However, I haven’t seen anything like that in the news besides 3G.

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