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Wednesday May 7, 2008 5:25 am

Poll: Have you joined the Zune Social?

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Have you joined the Zune Social?

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Amidst all the news of the past day, we were curious to get the pulse out there. How excited are you about the whole Zune Social thing? We’ve gotta admit, when we saw some of the ideas that the peeps over at Microsoft came up with as it pertains to music discovery within Zune, powered by your social network, we were kinda digging it. So, what say you? Have you gone and customized a Zune Card for yourself, maybe even syncing a few to your Zune device? Do you keep WiFi powered on when you take your device out and about in anticipation of swapping tracks? Or are you one of those who just stay as far away from the Social as possible? Sound off and let us know.

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I had a Zune (gen 1), didn’t find one person for 90 days so I returned it.

I don’t have a Zune. I live in the UK. One day I may get the chance to own one. I’d rather wait for a decent sized (80GB+) iPod touch though.

Don’t have a Zune either. I personally just prefer less well-known companies’ portable media players because they don’t seem to have as much problems and are way cheaper.

No, I personally think that MP3 Players shouldn’t be as overpriced as the Zune or the iPod.  I’d rather purchase a SanDisk Sansa which is cheap and does what I want it to do—play music.

WHat is Zune I have never heard of it ??
they need to advertise more

I have a IPod nano, present from my son,  the kids even loaded my “old” music on it.  Now I find them listen to my kind of music. 
I think I would like the Itouch just cause you could play video on it ...might be nice.

I like the iPod touch to much

I don’t have a zune, because I didn’t really it.  And it just seemed like Microsoft’s desperate attempt to get into the multi million dollar MP3/online music store business.  I stick with Apple for all of my music needs (iPod, iTunes)

Don’t think it’s out in the UK, which is a shame. I hate having to fly out to the US whenever I need something up to date.

Even then, I’ll still need help deciding between Zune and iPod Touch. I mean, the Zunes got some good ideas behind it, but I’d like to see a touch-screen Zune too.

I guess for me, its best to leave it until the brand’s become stable enough to rely on. At the moment it’s flailing around in different aspects of the market.

Didn’t it say something about ads on the Zune itself? That doesn’t sound good in itself.

This shouldn’t count in my points, so don’t count it, but I wanted to let you know that I can’t vote in the poll. No points are counted, and it won’t say anything. Is this because I’m in Safari 3.1 on Vista?

I love the zune but I have not really found a good use for Zune Social, especially since I do not know anyone else that actually has a zune.  built-in wireless going to waste as well unfortunately :(

Where is the option to vote: “No, i dont have a Zune?”

I won my iPod nano in a contest…i’ll be lucky if i use it a couple hours a week :-D.

Tokar - you don’t need a Zune device to join the Zune Social. You just need to download the Zune software, for free.

To be honest I dont really like how the zune and its software was put together. Im ust have grown too attached to itunes and the ipod.

Andru: if you dont have a zune, then what is the value?  Is it like another last.fm except with integration with your MS Zune or something?

btw: i like your unboxing vids on YouTube.

It’s kind of strange that this poll allows you to cast your vote more than once!  Perhaps this may be a bug in the script.  Andru, this needs to be fixed!  The poll may not be accurate.  Most websites use a script that detects the IP and only allows one vote per IP.

Thanks for the info, well i would join the Zune Social, is it free right?

I own an Archos 605.

One day , if a price drop comes, I’ll be the owner of an Ipod Touch. The wifi has won me over.

Well, I USE to own one, my was stolen. :(

No, I’m antisocial when it comes to Zune.
i though do have zune software installed.

I’m antisocial with Zune as well. I barely use it. Lolz

nope haven’t join but well check it out but i’m not promising anything

I don’t many people have Zunes. (I don’t). Got a black ipod nano though

I don’t have a zune, i have 2 ipods

I don’t have a Zune, I own an iPod and I really don’t mind it. There will always be comparisions of the Zune and the iPod and well, will I own a Zune someday? Maybe!

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