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Thursday April 24, 2008 3:59 pm

Poll: Does Windows on a Mac affect your PC purchasing decisions?

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Apple, Software

Gear Live Poll

Does the fact that you can run Windows in OS X make you consider Macs more heavily?

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  • Yes, I switched due to Mac-Windows compatibility
    32.65% - 80 votes 
  • Yes, I am thinking about switching
    20.41% - 50 votes 
  • No, I bought Macs before Windows compatibility
    17.14% - 42 votes 
  • Windows on my Mac? No thanks
    14.69% - 36 votes 
  • No, I stick with the PC
    13.88% - 34 votes 
  • Something else (leave a comment below)
    1.22% - 3 votes 
Total Votes: 245

In light of the news that has sold over 1 million copies of their Parallels Desktop for Mac software, we figured we’d gauge the pulse of the Gear Live community to see what you guys think. The other day, Apple reported some amazing sales figures as far as the Mac goes. Desktops and portable sales are up. We are thinking there is a connection between those numbers and the fact that Parallels - which lets you run Windows inside of OS X - has been selling to well.

So we want to know, how does the fact that you can run Windows right on your Mac, and inside of OS X, affect your PC purchasing decisions?

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No thanks.
A Mac with equivalent specifications costs me Rs. 1 lakh more.
Apple sucks to the core.

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