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Thursday June 5, 2008 4:34 pm

Panasonic SV-ME70 portable waterproof TV

Panazonic SV-ME70

remembers the ladies, even though Mom’s day has passed, with their SV-ME70 and 75 portable, waterproof TVs. Both models feature 5-inch LCD screens that can not only handle a sloppy cook in the kitchen but can hang out with Mr. Bubble in the bathroom. The ME-75, at a size of 165 x 92.9 x 22.1mm, also has a 1GB SD card slot and can record up to 30 minutes of Sponge Bob Square Pants on its Li-ion battery. Both will be available in white or pink June 20 for ¥38,000 (~$380.00) and ¥45,000 Yen (~$ 450.00) respectively.

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I have seen some people, bought these stuff to put it in their cars behind front seats. It’s lovely stuff. If you have some money, you could get some of these and turn anyplace around you to entertainment smile

@littlebull They make frames has same size of the screen and attach these frames to the back of front seats by sewing it or by carving it from seats. But actually it looks very tight, there is no even a chance to get these screens moved.

This looks like a great portable TV, but for this price you can easily get another device that plays videos and has more features.  The main reason it costs so much is obviously because it is waterproof.  I understand that the TV itself is waterproof, but how would you listen to videos if you were in water?  You would constantly hear the water splashing and have a hard time hearing movies.  Perhaps it has a headphone jack included so that you can listen to movies in your headphone.

Lol I always thought HD flat screen TV panels embedded in the bathroom wall would come first. 30 minutes isn’t bad… but in my family that’s hardly enough time to shower XD
Mite expensive though.

This does not have a tuner in it so it’s more of a video playback device than a TV.  Call it a water resistant iPod knockoff.

$450 for a 5 inch screen that has no TV tuner?? The only cool part about it, which I guess is the highlight of this article, is that it is waterproof.  But I don’t have any intention of watching TV while I am showering and a TV could be put away from the counter so that you dont have to worry about water getting on it…

I agree. I always wonder if you could install a cool tv like this in your bathroom.

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