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Thursday May 15, 2008 2:44 pm

Panasonic Strada F-Class


If you live in Japan, you can now check in on your home, control your appliances, and even lock your doors while in your car with Panasonic’s Strada F-Class. The device has a touchscreen with icons that say things such as “turn off the light.” Introduced this week, the Strada also works as GPS. Of course, you have to have a webcam and netlinking system. With a $3,400.00 price you could always get a couple of timers to do the same thing. Look for it to hit the market this June.


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Wow, besides the price, this thing looks amazing!  I’ve always had a vision sort of like this as a future growing up, being able to control your home essentially remotely, and its nice to see that the technology is finally moving forward (though the price will definitely have to drop still)

At $3,400.00 this is insane.I would rather buy sometinng else.This is supposed to be a consumer item for regular homes and they price it so luxarily.

For $3,400 I could hire someone to stay at my house and change the settings manually for me. But really, I do love technology. But some things can go too far.

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