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Thursday May 29, 2008 2:58 pm

Panasonic Evolta Batteries

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Storage

EvoltaPanasonic has certainly gone out of its way to promote their new Evolta (Evolution + Voltage) AA battery cell. They sent a 5 oz. robot climbing up a rope suspended from the Grand Canyon for almost 7 hours on a pair of them and earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the longest-lasting AA alkaline battery cell.” If the 6.7-inch blue bot, also named Evolta, looks familiar, it was designed by robotics scientist Tomotaka Takahashi. Although the batteries are about 15% higher than the competition at $5.40 for four, they are already doing so well in Japan that Panasonic plans to send them overseas later this year.

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Man, is that crazy or what?  You’d think Duracell would compete with their pink bunny!  I’m sure Duracell can easily beat Panasonic and make it into the Guiness Book of Records with a better record too!

no way wow

Wow, I always thought Duracell were the best, it looks like Panasonic will be getting my vote next time when I get some batteries for my wireless mouse and keyboard.

What!!! Even Japan gets better batteries than us first. JIGGA WHAT. I want to move there now.

JIGGA WHAT. Japan even gets cooler batteries faster than us. I wanna move now.

I was using Duracell for all my needs.Now i think, I’ll have to give Panasonic a chance too.

7 hours? How fast was that robot climbing?!?!
But lol lots of records these days. I always liked Panasonic over Duracell, and not because I hate pink.

But you know, the minute I saw that little robot “MegaMan” popped in my head.

Panasonic rocks in batteries and doing robots. If the robot was done by them, then battery could be compatible with the robot! :D

But I agree Duracell is good and used more widely than panasonic.

I’ll stick with my high-capacity rechargeables.  I’ve got enough lying around by now to power everything in my house.

There have been so many advances in batteries recently, but I feel like the real future is in lithium batteries which can hold extended amounts of charge for extended amounts of time… especially a battery that would be able to power a plug-in hybrid so we can finally achieve energy independence!

EVOLTA AA batteries are the first such batteries to be recognized by Guinness World Records, based on data obtained from discharge tests Panasonic conducted in accordance with the guidelines set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and measured against ANSI, IEC and JIS standards.

@ BuckeyeFanatic25:  It’s not really “energy independence” unless you’ve got your own wind/hydro generator to plug your car in to.

I don;t think that even if I had a hundred panasonic batteries that I could make it out of the Grand Canyon. Too much like work.

@Doug: Sure it is, most of our energy comes from coal which is produced inside of the United States.  I consider energy independence in this context to mean that we would not have to import crude oil to run our vehicles.  It might not completely solve the global warming crisis since coal is still a heavy polluter, but I stand by my “energy independence” statement

I like a long lasting battery I get tired of having to switch batteries so soon, I use energizer, but looks like I will be switching to Panasonic’s Evolta sure you pay alittle more but if they last longer in the meanwhile your saving money because you wont have to replace them as much.

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