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Monday May 19, 2008 2:07 pm

OLPC to gain Windows XP


has announced that it plans to install Windows XP to the inexpensive XOs that now run a customized version of Linux. To do this, spokesperson Kyle Austin says that they must redesign them and add $7.00 worth of hardware to build a stripped down version for an additional $3.00. While this might be a good thing for Microsoft, we note that the laptop, which started out as a $100.00 device, is now creeping up towards the $200.00 mark. As per usual, the OLPC people still claim that when the OX’s usage becomes more widespread, the price will come down.


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Speaking of OLPC, I saw recently where they were demoing the next generation of this device which would feature multitouch—in the video the kid was using it like a chess board with another kid!  Very cool stuff… I think having Windows XP on it will finally help make the OLPC more attractive to developing countries and more connecting to those developed ones.

Yeah i’ve heard about it just few days ago.Windows XP will certainly boost the sells of the OLPC.

OLPC Xo is only for really poor regions,i dont think computers which are having very low specs appeal to a slightly higher strata of sociey.And $200 is getting too much,they talk of prices coming down after it becomes widespread,well with that price it might never become widespread.

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