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Wednesday May 14, 2008 2:56 pm

Oberon S-Mode Series Watch

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech

Oberon WatchIt’s been awhile since we heard from Tokyo Flash and see that they have another new watch to confuse us. Their Oberon S-Mode series has a stainless steel body with full face black mineral crystal lens. The blue LEDs are a bit simpler to read than some of their others, with the outer ring as the hour, the second showing minutes, and the inner one is minutes in groups of ten. Another button push and you get the date. At a size of 38 x 38 x 11 mm and a weight of 150g, the Oberon carries a price of ¥15,900 (~$159.25.)

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why does everything that has come out from japan just seem weird and not really usable at all lately??

Yeah i agree.Looks nice but weird.

So is the time in the watch 10:10:30 ?
If not this watch is not for me.

When I buy a watch, I want to be able to know immediately what time it is!  I do not want to have to stare at my watch for awhile and figure out what it is telling me haha.  Still, if you had one I bet the people around you would be in awe (or just think you were really nerdy)

I still can’t believe that people will buy this product because it makes you think too much.
KISS should be applied here i think.

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