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Monday June 30, 2008 3:03 pm

How Netflix’s Queue Works

Netflix logo Ever wonder how Netflix selects who gets the newest releases first? Apparently Sound and Vision Mag did. They contacted the company and although they wouldn’t reveal any trade secrets, they did divulge how the queues basically work. Here are some of their results:

  • Ordering a movie first does not necessarily mean you will be the first recipient.
  • The more popular the movie, the longer the wait.
  • The more films you watch, the less likely you are to receive new releases. (We hate that one.)
  • The more new releases you watch, the less likely you will receive other new movies. (Okay, that one is awful, too.)

Irregardless of our queue status and the algorithms used in them, we have to admit we are still Netflix advocates. It’s amazing how many obscure/old/cult films we have been able to screen with our subscription. And that makes it greatest thing since unsliced bread for us.

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Wow I dont like the last two or the first one, I think that if you order the movie first you should get it first. Its just like if you go to a video store you pick your movies if they are in then stand in line..no different. I would of thought the more new movies you watch they would want you to keep getting the new ones as they come out. And just because you watch alot of movie you wont get new realeases well thats not right. Alot of people go to there so that they can get newer movies and not have to get out to go to a video store to get them.

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