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Monday May 12, 2008 3:20 pm

NES Zapper Lamp

NES Zapper LampWhat does one do if she/he still has some of their old Nintendo games and a Zapper gun lying around? In the case of “fluffypants,” you turn them into a lamp. Using an inexpensive lampshade, a pack of fun foam, and a cardboard base designed to look like the original Duck Hunt cartridge, she shows you full instructions to create your own. Maybe next week she will turn other Nes games into coasters or bookcases.

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Haha, however did you guess- I’m actually working on a set of Mario themed coasters!

No bookcase, though…. just a Duck Hunt mobile. wink

Nice idea.Will actually give this a try & let’s see how does that turns.I’ll update later if i manage to do this.

One question,will this pass through the airpost security?

Now that is art nuvoe. Or is it a bunch of stuff hotglued together. Still, I bet you can get some thing for it in E-Bay.

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