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Tuesday May 13, 2008 3:18 pm

NES Controller/Coffee table/Storage box

NES TableWe dig this NES controller/coffee table/storage box that actually works! Kyle Downs created the design for the top by scanning his controller for measurements. After building the piece with wood and painting it, he covered it with glass. You can get full instructions and see the process on his site to learn how to assemble your own. Maybe Kyle will show us how to make a Super Mario ‘Shroom stool next.

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always love this kind of modding make me remember the old school time when there is no 3d games yet

Interesting gadget to have.

Opera guys went for a similar thing,they made a 80’s arcade like system for their office from wood,pretty much like this one.

I grew up on nintendo. This is way cool and i’d like to see him make an xbox controler end table next.

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