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Monday June 2, 2008 2:14 pm

NEC ShieldPRO Heavy Duty Notebook

ShieldProWhat a fun job NEC testers must have. The company has just unleashed their ShieldPRO heavy duty notebook. It is dust and water resistant, can handle a 90cm drop, and temperatures of -20 to 50 C. With an Intel Core 2 Duo U7500 CPU at 1.0Ghz and a LED-backlit 12.1 inch LCD with 750cd/m2 brightness, it also has GPS, an SD card slot, and 12 hours of battery life. The ShieldPro, packed with Windows XP Professional, should be out sometime this month.

Read More | NEC (Japanese) via I4U News

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It’s good to be shielded, but I think it’s way too heavy. It’s not practical unless you are working in mining or a desert.

dust resistant means that dust doesn’t stick on the material used to cover the laptop.

Yes, I have seen many devices dust resistant and it’s very easy to clean if you spilled anything on it.

As Ela said I don’t think its weight is very useful for anyone unless they are maybe into construction or like the said in a mine.

At 1.0Ghz i wonder what i will be used in,as Elagizy suggested,mining would be a plausable choice,but that processor is way too spec’ed.

Very cool, but surely there’s a limit to what it can do?

Disney invests in ToughBooks.  I am not particularly sure what they were using them for (maybe for letting people register for the free bus from the resorts to the airport?) but they had four ToughBooks set up in front of the concierge desk.  So if Disney uses them, then they must be good :-D…although a little expensive since you are paying for the extra protection from damage.

I like the external design, but I agree, looks heavy and would have thought a faster processor would be included.

Not really made for the desert, but for Constructions sites where these notebooks are commonly used to show planning.

Wow, the first thing I thought about when I read this article was “this would be great in afghanistan or iraq!”  Just think if they issued these to the troops—theyd never get damaged (well, from the elements at least)

This is great! If only its specs were a little better…. I mean these days, 1 GHz is tiny. However, I will for sure show this to my contractor, it is something he would want to to see.

I’m sure he’ll thank you!

Great looking lappy. Specifications could’ve been better though.Atleast a better CPU.

This laptop is not bad, but it could have better specs as others stated.  The heaviness factor makes it resistant to drops from 90 centimeters and water/dust proof too, so I don’t think we should be complaining about that.  I really liked the GPS feature of it, it can allow you to easily locate your laptop instead it gets lost or stolen.

hm, i can see why someone could want this but i dont see what the purpose would be for making it so extreme durability wise.
great idea all the same!
especially the gps

Cool. I like how you can tiwst and turn the laptop’s monitor screen. How many GBs does it hold. I need a waterproof laptop like that.

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