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Thursday May 22, 2008 3:16 pm

Napster Reorganizes


Say hello to the new Napster. Their new music store claims over 6 million DRM-free titles for download with more releases every week. Take advantage of their unlimited $12.95 monthly subscription and receive their Unlimited Music On Demand service free for a week. All MP3s come with high resolution album art and will play on your MP3 player or cellie. Transfer, make playlists, burn CDs, and enjoy the tunes. We hope they have a lot more luck being legal.


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Thanks for the info but i’m not going to pay that kind of money on that.

Ahh I remember the good ol’ days with Napster *tear*

I am glad though that they are legitimate now… actually I am really glad I read this article because I have been looking for different services to compare against the Zune Pass and I just found one!

I remember when napster were the first ones to get sued. i used napster back then which was before it was illegal and all. They were good then, but there are other cheaper legal services that you can get music from.

Napster sure has come a long way!  It was one of the first online illegal sharing websites but it changed to a legal website selling music and making the music sharing community a better place.  I’m glad that they offer DMR-free titles because they’re compatible with my MP3 player and don’t cause much hassle when I transfer them.

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