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Wednesday May 28, 2008 1:59 pm

Motorola W755 Flip Phone

Motorola W755Verizon’s newest mobile offering is the Motorola W755 cellie. The black slate or purple flip phone has a 1.3 megapixel cam, a memory card slot, Bluetooth capability, VZ Navigator GPS, text and multimedia ability, and a music player with external controls. It supports Verizon’s 3G EV-Do network and, as per usual, there is an online deal attached. The $119.99 price with a 2-year contract and a $50.00 instant discount knocks that sucker down to a feasible $69.99.

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It seems good, but we need more phones like tracfone, the kind without the contracts.

considering the price and the function..
this really is a good deal. by the way to many function in phone just burden i like simple and clean…

not that powerful of a mobile still nice piece of phone for talking geeks. motorola ha been nice always. I had one 7 yrs back i hope to get a new one now.

One of my friends has this & she’s quite impressed so far.nice looking phone.Should look good on a woman’s hand.

Even without the purple, this looks like a very girly phone.  I’ll stick with my LG 570, thanks.

“It seems good, but we need more phones like tracfone, the kind without the contracts.”
That’s all up to the provider, you can’t have service if no one provides it and it’s expensive to do that.  Most providers will let you go without a contract, but you’re paying the full $5-600 retail price for the phone.

This one actually looks like it could end up being a direct replacement for the RAZR V3m.

I’ll give that the v3m set the bar high for full-function phones in a small package, but it failed miserably in battery life and reliability. If Motorola wants to re-establish itself as a big name, they need to come up with better phones/devices.

@ Linu:  There’s already a replacement for the V3 series, it’s the RAZR2 V9 series.  Amazing phone, I would have bought one if it had a built in FM transmitter like the LG VX570 has.

I just had to replace my motorola because of a cracked screen after a 3 foot drop. I got a 3g razr. I should have waited…hahaha

Yawn.  A few years ago this would have been a great phone, but I see no reason why someone would choose this phone over, say, the Motorola RAZR which is by the same company!  Screen seems awfully small too…

I’ll look sexy with that phone probably. I’ll be better than the current Verizon phone I have. So, how much space does it hold?

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