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Friday May 30, 2008 2:19 pm

Monkeys Control Robotics With Brain Waves

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Science

Monkey with Robotic ArmIn order to assist those who are paralyzed, researchers have been training monkeys to feed themselves with the use of a robotic arm. The monkey uses its brain to control sensors and let the arm know that it wants a marshmallow. The team say that one monkey has already achieved a 78% success rate. Head of the U. of Pittsburgh team, Andrew Schwartz, says that it won’t be long before the technology will be tested on humans, but it may be a several years before making it to the mainstream.

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If this technology works, imagine how much it would help paralyzed people around the world!  It will take several years, but it will definitely be there in the future.  It’s neat how technology is really progressing and being used to help the world.  Not only is it used for entertainment/work purposes.  It is used for scientific research, and helping other people out and making life easier for us.  I’m glad to be a part of this generation!

thats crazy a monkey

this is a quite amazing technology to be controlling devices with only our brain. i have high hope in the future that we would only operate the computer using only our thought where there is no need of a mouse or keyboard lets not forget the mobile devices that we carry!!

Monkey’s look to be very intelligent species of Animals, I am sure if there were no humans around, they would be the most intelligent species on Planet Earth. Quite amazing to think about.

EH?! That’s quite useful application of brain waves. I’m surprised it took this long to get it done.

But impressive, 78%. That reminds me of all the weird syncing ratios I hear about in those mecha anime XD

And monkeys and humans have 98-99.98% identical DNA. ‘Course we got similar brains ^_^

I can imagine how useful this will be… but it sounds like the robotics will be separate from the human body itself.

I am glad the monkey did not try to pick his nose, The hand migh have crushed him.

If you make a monkey or any living creature sit in that chair thats looks like death scaring at u., he or any one would control even an jet airplane. Even when they don’t know how to, its just machine. that monkey probably would have got scared seeing all that mad people experimenting on a little fellow. Still great piece of video. I hope that monkey is putting a tough fight.

Wonderful news i must say but we are kinda familiar with these on Nat Geo & Discovery channels.

Theres a lot of research being done at my university on neuroprostheses and being able to control various limbs or even open/close your hand… This sounds like an even more advanced concept which would be the generation after the research on neuroprostheses!  I am really excited to see how this technology works on humans…

Poor monkey, he is tied up. Any wrong thinking will lead to his death with robotic arm.

I think the next logical step is to put the monkey into a similarly controlled exo-skeleton and see how well it does.

I think they should push this product on through for the sake of those in need. I can only imagine how great the need is for a product like this.

I like to see technology that will help people. Alot of people could use this especially those who have been in bad accidents, or those who have certain birth defects. it sounds like its coming along good.

actually this type of device is implemented in a few humans in the world-
so far not much has been accomplished with it but i was watching a man on tv control a program like mspaint, and using an on screen keyboard.
this is one of my favorite types of tech, as its almost like telekinesis

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