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Wednesday June 25, 2008 3:05 pm

Maxwell Smart Shoe Phone Closer Than We Think

ArchPort ShoesFrom TV show to movie to reality. ArchPort founder and president Matt Potts has already incorporated a slot in the sole of his shoe for wallets, keys, and credit cards. The man says that he came up with the idea in 1989 when playing tennis. The sandals and sneakers are named for the storage location, and Potts says that he sees them carrying smaller GPS devices, remote controls, MP3 players, heaters, and yes, even a diminutive cell phone a la “Get Smart” in the future.

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I wonder how much they are. I dont know if I would want a pair what if they came open and I didnt know it and lost my stuff. I think that would be to risky for credit cards and the more expensive things, maybe for like papers or something that isnt to much of value I would use them for, but that would be about it, I would use my pockets other wise.

I like the idea of storage in places you wouldn’t think of but I think that this is actually a bad idea because it’s simply too easy to destroy your valuables. For example, they said that maybe in the future, the shoes and sandals could hold mp3 players and cell phones. What happens if you trip? Or what if slip into water? What if your friends played a prank on you and they pushed you into a pool while you were walking around it. Your items would be destroyed. Plus, how the heck are you supposed to answer a phone call or switch tracks on your mp3 player when it’s waaay down by your foot? Lastly, this would be bad if you were running, jumping, or whatever and accidentally your show or sandal fell off. In my opinion, there’s a good purpose behind it, but wrong area of the body.

I agree with x1xtomx1x, this isn’t a good idea.  It’s more secure keeping your valuables in your pocket.  I don’t like the idea of reaching into my shoes to get my credit card out either, it’s easier to take out if you keep it in your pocket. 

I do see it useful for people who like to jog around with their shorts (that have no pockets) and want to carry their gadgets around with them.

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