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Wednesday June 4, 2008 11:19 pm

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard debuting at WWDC?

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Snow LeopardsSo, word on the street now is that will be unveiling Mac OS X 10.5.6

10.6 in a mere five days at . Based on the fact that Steve Jobs said that they wanted to get back on track to releasing just about yearly, I started asking people if they thought the successor to Leopard would show up next week, and they all scoffed as if I were some sort of lunatic. Well, now with the reports that TUAW and Ars have receive, it appears that my hunch was correct. Oh, and what will the successor be named? We all know Apple likes to stick with the cats for OS X, and it appears that this time it is going to be “Snow Leopard.” You see, this release is all about tightening up speed, stability, and security - not so much about dazzling new features like . See? They want to take Leopard, and make it white as snow. That’s almost as cute as an iPod nano…

We look to Monday to see what Steve brings us.

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Wow, they must hire geniuses in Apple’s marketing department or something… personally I like the idea of yearly releases better than Microsoft’s releases every three years.  I want my OS to be fresh, and I don’t want to have to wait as other OSes pass me by…

@Steven - nice catch, what the heck was I thinking?

Yearly upgrades will be great, that’s what actually I’m hoping from Microsoft to do too. I mean let’s hope there is many service packs comes up for Vista before Windows 7 arrives in late 2009 or 2010.

Regarding the “Snow Leopard” thing:, that sounds from the idea of “Fire Fox”, a pretty rip off! Dammit these people can’t choose a good name for their products!

other upgrade already didn’t just have one, I wish Microsoft did the same.

A Snow Leopard in the middle of summer. I told you guys apple was hot.
  But seriously, I run 10.5.3 now, how much better can it get.

Lol. Kitties! Didn’t know there were snow leopards though. I do hope my school gets news and updates the library Macs soon, they’re really outdated. They shouldn’t have problems since they’re closing the library on Monday.
Their poll had lots of people vote for Cougar.. I would’ve personally thought sabertooth is cool :D

I am all confused about the various OS X releases? Wasnt leopard released just some time back if im not mistaken, which was v10 ? I dont use a Mac, so all this is like greek to me! :|

Forgive my ignorance, but isn’t OS X just a variant of Linux/BSD?

“snow leopard” sounds more like a service pack name for “leopard” than a completely new OS. the next name should be completely different, something like “cat”.

Yeah it does not sound like a whole major upgrade. Snow lepard is in the same family as lepard. They should call the next OS MAC monkey or MAC ape!

Releasing new major versions of an OS this quickly can only be described as a money making venture by apple,lets face it all apple wants is $$ and it does this sort of stunts to achieve it.
Also snow leopard is in endangered cat,the naming went horribly wrong,i think.

Opps. Sorry i mean Leopard!

Sense were on the subject Leopard, Did you guys know that Mac OS X 10.6 is going to debut at WWDC 2008 next week and it will be available in 2009 but it’s only going to be Intel base Mac’s only.

aw like the picture! =D
hearing about all these updates and whats been improved really makes me wanna try out a mac! i cant find anywhere irl that sells them though

Looks like Gear Live was right about it being unveiled in a week. It’s great to be on a blog that doesn’t just post rumors!  The name Snow Leopard does sound like it’s competing with Fire Fox, but Snow and Leopard is completely opposite!  I also think the name will be Snow Leopard.  These are just estimated names though so it could end up not being any of the names listed in the poll.

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