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Tuesday May 27, 2008 2:09 pm

Laser Target Alarm Clock

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Target Alarm ClockWhen you feel like you want to take potshots at your alarm in the morning, now you can do just that with the Laser Target Alarm Clock. When it goes off, you shoot the laser directly into the target to turn it off for the next 24 hours, unless you change its time or manually deactivate the thing. We figure by the time you aim and go bang, you will certainly be awake. The clock takes 3 AAA batteries and the laser 3 LR44 (not included) at a price of $19.99.

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Ohh that would be too much work for me, when I like to wake up, I like to set a radio to go off full blast in the other side of the room. It gets me up quickly!

Man very interesting looking thing. smile

It still really doesn’t solve the main problem of waking up:  getting out of bed in the first place.  Therefore, the R2D2 or Helicopter alarm clocks work much better.  Also, Gareth’s plan works well.

Wow, this is quite an inventive solution to a problem may of us face!  I highly doubt I’d buy this product though, sort of like I’d never buy the alarm clock that rolls off your desk and onto the floor, forcing you to get out and catch it…

One benefit is that if I accidentally pick up my Glock instead of the laser, I’ll *really* wake myself up. And the rest of the family. And maybe the neighbors.

You’d have to be really drowsy to pick up and fire a real gun of any kind instead of this phaser looking hunk of plastic.

I don’t think I could focus enough to shoot a target first thing in the morning. So I guess this alarm clock would get me out of bed. This would be better than the one that runs away from you!

I was browsing through the archives and I suddenly saw this! I totally need one of these.
I love archery and I have a set of rubber bow and arrows, but no target. That’s hecka cool being able to laser the clock off. Might also serve as good target practice too :D
Might 20 dollars? That’s a bit too expensive for a watch, even for my tastes… but the laser thing is still totally awesome. The weird contraptions they come up with these days…

LOL awesome! the effort it would take to aim would probably wake you up- most likely being half asleep you would miss the first 20 times =D
love the idea!

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