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Monday June 2, 2008 1:45 pm

Klipsch Image Earphones

ImageLook, it’s another world’s smallest! Klipsch has released its black with copper accented Image in-ear headphones with contour ear gels for noise isolation, better bass response, and of course, comfort. The earbuds are compatible with iPods, iPhones, and most other portable gadgets, and comes with its own carrying case, a set of 5 ear gels with cleaner, and1/4-inch and airline adapters. The lighter, the more expensive it seems. The Image will set you back KRW450,000 (~$349.00.)

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OMG, $350 for an earbuds that’s way overpriced! But honestly I like the design and yes it seems comfort.

I don’t it is worth of paying $350 for a Earphone even though I like its shape.

Klipsch is known for making high quality audio products, but $350 for a pair of buds, you gotta be kidding me.  I dont have large ear holes, so buds hurt my ears…

The headphones have apparently been around for a half year or so.  But the reviews seem to agree: absolutely excellent noise cancellation, but ridiculously pricey.

I dont think these use conventional means for noise cancellation (i.e. electrically producing the sound waves to cancel out the surrounding noise), rather the gels are supposed to contour to your ears to prevent external sound from entering.  Mind you, they dont call it “Noise Cancellation”, rather they call it “Noise Isolation”.

Anyone know what kind of bass response these have?

The best looking ear phones i have ever seen,you guys should do a review of this.
$350 is just plain arrogance.

Well, Klipsch is known to make good products, but $350.00 for some earbuds is just outrageous. I don’t care how great they are, that’s just overpriced.

Is it just me that can’t stand in-ear headphones? Not saying they’re not a good idea, but surely so little noise is a risk when you’re in a fast moving environment like, say, Earth?

Looks much more comfortable then the canal headphones.

Ahh I started reading this and was thinking ‘yes yes i should get these!” and then I saw they were $349.00 :(

needless to say thats a little too expensive lol

Klipche makes some awesome quality sound systems but that price is way to high for only a pair of headphones.

These earbuds look great and comfortable to put in your ears, I like them.  I agree with the other commentors, these earbuds are not worth $350 (unless there is some hidden feature that comes with it).  With that much money you can even buy a really good MP3 Player that comes with free headphones.

that’s crazy for a pair of buds
besides, smaller things are easier lost and broken

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