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Tuesday June 3, 2008 2:01 pm

Kenneth Lylover Surf Chair

Surf Chair

Kenneth Lylover created his Surf Chair for the “Internet Collection” competition at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair recently. It’s easy to see why he managed to nab the Best Product award. The arc-shaped chair has a built-in LCD display, a mouse and keyboard for the user’s lap, and a padded frame for comfort. We think it is a fine idea for couch potatoes who want to go the extra mile with their Net searching or those who work best in a semi-horizontal position.


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Saw this on another website, but they didn’t really have anything to say about it. thanks for giving me a little more info on a pretty cool concept.

The monitor is smartly suspended in front of the user by this one piece work station. However the keyboard and mouse are supposed to be placed as usual on the users lap. Wonder why some kinda folding tray isn’t fitted in this otherwise uber cool workstation?

What an excellent and comfort design!
The only catch is using the mouse will be bit hard.

Another way to become a couch potato.

That is very creative, but it does look quite uncomfortable at times, haha. I don’t know how long I would be able to sit there, but it is a great design.

The design is awesome, but looks like once you sit on it, it will fall over.

Now that looks a sweet piece of gadget & looks quite comfortable too.

Okay, I’m headed to IKEA to preorder one of these.  Put these at an Internet cafe and offer wake up service if needed.

Actually, that position is supposed to be the best on your back to reduce back pain!  Looks really comfortable, but I don’t see how many people would actually buy it for their homes.  Ibdabloke is right though, put them in an Internet cafe and they might work!

looks comfortable

Wow! I would love one of those. And, I believe if we could put some bicycle wheels on that sucker, we could actually ride it around while we surf. Make mine to go

This looks like a great chair to own!  I doubt that this chair would help you be productive though.  It seems like a great gift for a gamer.  I would find it very easy to fall asleep in that chair too.  I don’t like the fact that you have to put the keyboard and the mouse in your lap.  That would feel uncomfortable!  I’m used to using them on a desk.

oh!! this is my perfect chair!!i have back problems so i could totally go for something thats half laying down and half sitting =D

OMG I would love to have this. I’ve a lazy girl and I need my beauty sleep and I love TV.

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