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Friday April 25, 2008 1:56 pm

Kaiser Baas Digital Photo Key Ring

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cameras, Misc. Tech, USB

Photo Key RingWant to show off your kids, pets, summer vacation unobtrusively? The Kaiser Baas Digital Photo Key Ring has a mere 1.5 digital LCD display and can hold up to 70 pictures. It also features a clock, contrast control, a programmable timer, and rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of life. Take photos from your cellie or digital camera with the included USB cable. Choose from white, pink, or black for $29.99. Just don’t make your kids hate you by taking their pictures like the one shown. Trust us, they never forgive you.

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Wow, I love the smallness of it and you can store 70 photos?  That is amazing in that small of a device.  The price point is just perfect—at $29.99 its not too expensive for most people who would be looking for something like this.  A fun way to spice up a key ring!  This would make a great mothers day gift

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