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Thursday June 5, 2008 7:08 pm

Junyi Pet Plant

Junyi pet plantWe already know that plants thrive when you talk to them, but what if your plant decided to chat with you? The prototype Pet Plant by Junyi Heo keeps track of its soil temperature, humidity, and water condition, and lets its owner know what it needs by means of display pictograms. Supposedly, it will also drain itself if over-watered. The Pet Plant’s USB interface charges and transmits the info from computer software. Perhaps the next gen of the gadget will scream out “Feed me, Seymore!”

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I must admit, this would be a little creepy to own!  Though for people who are inept at taking care of plants, like myself, this would be wonderful because it is all integrated into one nice little device.

This just shows how technology is so rapidly growing and well, it would be a great little plant to own in the house. However, if I saw this at a store, I probably wouldn’t buy it, haha. Just not my type of plant I would want, I like the ones that won’t talk. LOL

This is the perfect gadget for those geeks out there that love plants!  I like the part where it drains itself when it’s overfilled.  I don’t like to leave my computer on all the time though because I like to conserve power.  This gadget will definitely consume a lot of power over time.

I’d put a some plastic plants in there and see what it does then.
Maybe they could make one of these that was setup for a ‘Chia Pet’.  ‘Makes a great present!’

How these people comes up with those weird ideas! But I like it :D !

The design looks very cute, and that plant looks!

That’s really good to have. Especially if your plants are dying. I wish I had that. smile

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