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Wednesday June 4, 2008 3:02 pm

John LeSieur Zac Browser for Autistic Kids

Zac BrowserJohn LeSieur’s grandson has autism and couldn’t get into computers. Because the man works in software and couldn’t find something already available, he created the Zac Browser, named for the boy. The browser consists of hand-picked free websites such as those with educational games, music, videos, and such images as a virtual aquarium. Extraneous keyboard buttons that would be confusing have been disabled. Not only was it welcomed by Zac, John is offering his program free of charge to other parents of autistic children. Our props for another fine effort from someone who could, and did.

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Nice application GUI, ZAC stands for Zone for Autistic Children.

Sounds like Johns Zac Browser for Autistic Kids is a pretty cool invention. John should be congratulated for helping those who can’t help themselves. Way to go John.

Nice little application.

Good thing I’m abled enough to use main browsers.

Nice invention by the way.

Wow, I love to read about stories like this smile
He saw a problem, and because of his hard work, tons of kids around the world can enjoy the internet.  I have only respect for this guy

Not only did he help his son, he shared it for others. Very nice.

John LeSieur is a great person for doing this!  All the programming he did for the software is being given away—and for a generous cause too!  To help the autistic children around the world.  This software will help them use the computer and enjoy educational games, activities, and a lot more that would really improve their lives.  We also need to be thankful that John LeSieur had an autistic kid, as that’s what really made him create this software. 

Note to GearLive Editor & other readers:  The correct URL to ZacBrowser is http://zacbrowser.com without the “www”.  For some strange reason if you put in “www” the website won’t load.

It is commendable to see someone actually cares about Autistic kids in more ways than one. I myself have dealt with kids afflicted with learning disabilities and one requires a huge amount of patience and understanding to deal with them. Being an IT guy, patience isnt one of my virtues!! Kudos to John for making time and making this great app available to everyone! That’s what will make it easier for others!

yeah ZAC has been very very effective tool for kids with low and medium and high functioning autism. It is good know that Zac Browser ZAC focuses on the children and their interaction.

it is the grandfather who made it ,someone in the comments indicating its made for his son.son ? grandson?
there is a difference,ins’t there?

Hi I have been trying to e-mail this link to a friend, that has an autistic child. but your e-mail link is not working, I sent a email to GL throu contact this morning but I am afraid that it may have been lost when you lost your backups.

Great work, I really admire that, If you could make someone smile, its all that is enough to lend u into heaven. Atleast someone is doing something for a good cause.

ah thats so good to hear =]
i like the idea of disabling the confusing keys, in this particular case thats a very important aspect of the browsers purpose

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