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Thursday May 8, 2008 3:18 pm

JAXA/NHK Cam Captures Moon Video

Moon Shot

We do so many stories about what NASA is doing lately that we thought it only fair to show you what Japan is up to these days. JAXA (their NASA) and the National TV channel NHK launched a Canon HD video cam to shoot the moon. Check out the first images here. NHK plans to release a DVD of the videos and, from the look of things, more will be coming. After all, one can never get enough close-ups of space, can one?

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Wow, Japan has their own Nasa?  Their name sounds catchy too, Jaxa The images of the moon were really interesting.  Unfortunately Jaxa is only releasing the actual DVD in Japan only, not for the US.

The check out this link of images,link crashed my pc.
It has some HDef content i guess,there should be warning or it should be mentioned.

Ah maybe we can have a little space race now between the different countries?  Something like we had during the Cold War could really spur development (though lets try and be more friendly about it than we were with the Soviet Union… no need to pull out the nukes)

I hadn’t heard of this. I hope they will be posting lots of video on the web. Very cool.

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