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Monday May 12, 2008 6:09 pm

iPhone screenshot shows 3G setting switch

iPhone 3G switch

All signs are pointing to a new launching in the next six weeks or so. The latest is this screenshot that is, supposedly, taken from the iPhone 2.0 Beta 5 firmware. Check it out - within the Network settings pane, you now have an Enable 3G toggle switch. It’s a way to put a little bit of power back into your hands as the user, what do you care about more, speed, or battery life? I personally would love a setting that disabled 3G when the realized I was connected to a WiFi hotspot.

In all seriousness, Apple needs to launch this thing already. The employees over at the Rumor Mill are working way too many overtime hours.

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I’ve also heard through the rumor mill that around June 9, when the next gen of iphones are released, there will be a price drop on most iphone and itouch products.
i think it’s time to join the party.

the iphone 3g is going to be so cool i hope it will make the iphone even better.

Yeah i’ve heard about it that iphone is gonna be 3G.Now that would be cool.

Its coming to my country in few months,but my country doesn’t even have a 3G network i want to kill someone for that.(damn you the govt. over here.)

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