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Sunday June 22, 2008 11:30 pm

Is There Ice on Mars?

Marvin SpiritNASA believes that material found on Mars recently may really be ice. When images from the trench dubbed “Snow White 2” were received from the Phoenix Mars lander, scientists believed the white surface shown was either salt or ice clumps. Because many of them were gone the next day, the researchers ruled out the presence of salt, although the soil sample didn’t yield evidence of water.

Because the Phoenix is undergoing adjustment to its software, it has been a bit lax in its duties. We suspect that when it gets going it will get right on it, unless those pesky Martians try to sabotage the project again before the 90 day time frame is complete.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if there is ice on Mars. I learnt in my geology course that liquid water was present on Mars a long time ago and that’s why Mars is so comparable to the Earth. As for ice, well, it is a possibility and I would love to see if it is true or false! It’ll take time to find out, but I think we will know in the future.

Wonder if we will ever figure out if we could live on Mars or not. Probably sometime in the distant future we will know. I just dont see how ice would be there one and then gone the next. But I guess its possible who knows.

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