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Friday June 6, 2008 2:57 pm

iBose Egg Chair

iBose Egg ChairThe iBose Egg Chair has to be considered sound to the max. It features a Companion 3 subwoofer and a satellite speaker system with THD <.001. Four JBL OnTour speakers are each 17-inches and are accompanied by 4 fusion 6.5-inch midwoofers. In addition, 3 amps have Airport Express to let you stream Wireless-G or Ethernet from any PC with iTunes. Top it off with a Onkyo home theater receiver and you have one heck of an entertainment center.

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Bose’s stuff are just out of normal guys reach,its all hi-end stuff and always top notch quality.
price is not given in source article but since Bose Companion system is for around 250 it might be higher than that.

Wow, this truly is “the ultimate sound chamber”!  This would be amazing to relax in and watch a movie, and be immersed in the surround sound.  I am sure too with the Bose name that it is a great speaker system, but I am sure it is way too far out of my price range to even give it a small consideration.

I like the fact that it does everyhting it does, bbut its pricey.

At first I thought this was from Bose, and was thinking how Retro. Then I see it is an aftermarket combination of old and new. So the egg chair was from the 60’s, I was thinking the 70’s. Nice mod.

fantastic chair, very top-of-the-line looking, and also looks to be a must have for pro gamers
and wow, wireless-g and ethernet support!

Wow. And I’m just the egg head that would enjoy this chair the most. This chair would be"hard to beat”. HaHaHa   smile

I’ve never sat in an “egg” chair before, but I have seen them all around stores and well, online. They don’t look that comfortable though, but who knows, they might be super comfy. It is a very neat chair full of interesting things that do come along with it!

This looks like a very comfortable chair, but I prefer to listen to the speakers on my computer.  Having them on a chair would probably be an unproductive idea.  It would definitely make me listen to music and nap a lot!

That’s interesting chair, It should be spreading a real 3d sound.

You just stream the music from your PC, and fly with your chair anywhere as long as you in the WIFI Range! :D

Nice ideas, keep this stuff coming!

Does it come in futeristic silver

That chair is offically pimped out. A must have. I would love to listen to the iPod and sit and relax to a nice chair at the same time.

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