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Monday July 28, 2008 3:00 pm

HP iPaq 914 Business Messenger review

iPaq 914 review

While at the Connecting Your World event in Berlin Germany, we were able to get our hands on one of the new HP iPaq 914 Business Messenger Windows Mobile 6.1 QWERTY phones. We’ve already created a full iPaq 914 unboxing gallery for you to enjoy, but we also wanted to be sure to hit you with a full review of the phone. After a day or so of use, it’s easy to be impressed with this business-centric communications device.

As a phone with iPaq 914 performs admirably, offering great voice quality, and the well implemented Windows Mobile 6 dialer interface. Having quad-band GSM support means the iPaq 914 works virtually anywhere in the globe making it ideal for globe trotters and others needing to keep in touch while on the go.

Featuring HSDPA, EDGE, UMTS, WiFi, GPS, and 2.0 EDR, the iPaq 914 is well equipped for all sorts of wireless communications. The HSDPA chipset is quick and responsive and loads data quickly.

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The iPaq’s horizontal 320x240 screen is bright and crisp and makes reading and responding to email a pleasant experience. Beyond the screen the hardware design is well thought out on the iPaq. The device feels good in the hand - a solid, but not too heavy phone with a soft Ultrasuede-like finish.

The button placement on the device is executed well, making for easy control of the device without often requiring use of the touchscreen either with a finger or with the included stylus. The right side features a 3-way scroll wheel and Enter button enabling quick one-handed navigation of email or the web. Unfortunately, the scroll wheel does not offer good feedback when pushed in to select an element, which makes it both difficult to select items while simultaneously making it far too easy to accidentally select items while scrolling. While this was a little frustrating at first it is possible to get used to after only a few hours of navigating the device.

iPaq 914 review

Aside from it’s business communications features, the iPaq 914 features and comes pre-loaded with the Google Maps client. This makes it easy for the mobile professional on the go to get directions and find their way around.

The iPaq features Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1. The OS is very business centric and does an excellent job of connecting to Exchange and keeping mobile workers connected to friends and colleagues alike. The negative here is that Windows Mobile isn’t the OS of choice for everyone featuring a sub-par browser and difficult-to-use media software, but both of those deficiencies can be addressed using 3rd party software.

iPaq 914 review

All in all the iPaq 914 is an impressive device. Featuring modern technologies and ‘feeling right’ in the hand, the iPaq is a good choice for both business users and power users alike. If the , Instinct, and similar phones don’t meet your business and communication needs, then the iPaq 914 might just the perfect phone for you.


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