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Wednesday April 16, 2008 2:47 pm

Hop-on Disposable Phones

Hop-on PhoneRumor has it that cell phones may go disposable. Although we traced a press article concerning Hop-ons’ order to create screenless phones from a European distributor at a price of $20.00 each, we have yet to be able to clink on a link on Hop-on’s site successfully. We did find a quote from its president Peter Michaels,

“During our meetings with distributors in Vegas the response to our simple, inexpensive, $20 phone was phenomenal. The initial test purchase order with multiple purchase orders behind it is a big step in introducing Hop-on to Europe.”

Be that as it may, don’t we have enough garbage in the world without having to add to it? We find this in the same category as single use razors and cameras that we finally see less of everyday. We notice that even Kodak has trouble dispensing of theirs and claims that they recycle up to 77% of each one. We are only concerned with that remaining 23%.

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I agree, this is a huge step backwards in trying to go green with our technology… just like the one-use DVDs, there should not be any one use items anymore which we can avoid because it is going to contribute so much to our trash.  Just come out with a phone that is pay-as-you-go and you would never need a disposable phone!

I don’t like the idea that many cell phones are just being disposed instead of being recycled.  There are many places where you can donate your phone to.  But I also think that people don’t really care about disposing cheap phones because all they need to do is use it and once it’s used they don’t have a need for it anymore.  They simply don’t want to go the extra mile and recycle.  I don’t think we should get rid of one-time use items but we should recycle them and find a way to put them to good use.

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