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Tuesday June 3, 2008 1:46 pm

Harman Kardon iPod/iPhone Bridge


Harman Kardon has created a dock that can connect your iPhone/iPod (except for the shuffle) with their home entertainment system. The Bridge has a single connection, can be controlled from the remote of an HK receiver, and shows on-screen or front-panel messages. Compatible with the Kardon AVR 40, 45 or 47 Series, or AVR 146, the dock also recharges your gadget while it works. Contact Harman Karman for price and availability.


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I wonder why there isnt a mini-usb standardized control interface for every other type of mp3 player out there

It’s great the you can connect both iPhone/iPod in one gadget!

@Linu, I there is 2 reasons for that:
1- Commercial purpose.
2- For user & device safety, so every manufacturer do its own control interface to avoid any conflict or damage due to incompatibility issues.

I love Harman Kardon speakers.I may give this a try.

The dock looks cool and it comes with the controller Apple iPod dock doesn’t even comes with a controller, that’s what makes Harman Kardon product so unique

What a nice looking, sleek looking dock that Harman Kardon has come out with!  I am saddened though that all of these amazing devices are coming out only for the Apple iPods and not any of the other players like the Zune… I guess thats what you get when you dominate the market :-\

I had some Harman Kardon speakers on my mac, they do a great job. A little expensive but good products usually are.

I’ve never heard of Harman Kardon before.  It’s nice to see products that are compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch being developed though.

I don’t have a home entertainment system at all. I would love to use this object to headbang with my fave songs.

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