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Monday May 26, 2008 4:36 pm

Haptica Braille Watch

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Haptica Watch

The Haptica is a fine prototype of a Braille watch. The sight-impaired user gets an accurate reading by four groups of 4 dials made of dots on disks that only partially are displayed. They rotate the dot pattern in an extended circle to show the hours, minutes, and seconds. Designer David Chavez calls his ergonomic timepiece capable of working with analog or magnetic repulsion to move the dials along. Our kudos to the man and hope his idea reaches the market soon.


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Its nice, but I prefer my TIX Clock. If they want to save space, put a PC in one….

there is good for the sight-impaired thou i would still love to get one of this but first i will have to start reading Braille

Man that looks precious.I won’t even ask the price.

Now all they need is a cheaper version, because that one certainly doesn’t look it.

This is what I love to see—people putting their brainpower towards solving problems like these… anything we can do to help those less fortunate lead better lives.  I hope this makes it to the market soon as well, as it can really make a difference…

I just wanted to know whether this design had been brought to market yet and if you have a manufacturer?

This is very cool stuff. The visually impaired would be proud to own such a devise.

to tell the truth, i have wondered about how the blind would use a watch.
this is a fine example of a genious mind at work, the one that uses their intelligence for purpose instead of silly little collectors items

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