On Gear Live: Apple Watch announced, available early 2015 for $349

Wednesday April 30, 2008 3:25 pm

Go Moto Danica!

Danica Patrick

What do you do when Danica Patrick wins her first IndyCar race? If you are Motorola, you grab a huge pic of her with your insignia on her jumpsuit and offer free wallpaper. Then you build a site called MotoDanica and feature a whole slew of kewl products with her name on them. They include a Bluetooth Automotive System for switching from music to phone, a Bluetooth Headset, and MOTOKR Headphones. We think this surely beats being on a box of Wheaties.


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I find it interesting how in the image they really highlight that she is both a NASCAR driver and a female, by having her wear red dress shoes with high heels—really trying to highlight the contrast there

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