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Friday August 15, 2008 2:44 pm

GM Plans Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Hummer H2

AM General, the company that makes the Hummer H2 for GM, is hoping to make wheelchair-accessible vehicles by 2010. The car will be made for the U.S. and Canada and will include an automatic ramp that will be able to handle wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobile devices. They say they already have reservations for 3,500 units. Since GM has mentioned that other parties might be interested in its Hummer brand, it will be interesting to see if this will be another carrot or a last ditch effort by the company to keep those gas-hogs on the road.


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Adam Sand Adam Sand 10/18/13 5:00 am

That’s a nice vehicle that caters persons with disability.

Adam Sand Adam Sand 10/25/13 4:31 am

That’s nice vehicle for persons with disability. It caters their needs.

Really great vehicle for disabled persons. If it just were cheaper.

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