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Wednesday May 21, 2008 3:02 pm

Geostate Trackable Golf Balls

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GolferOnce you acquire your new Shadow Caddy, you will certainly have to purchase Geostate’s golf balls to go with your tech savvy status. The British company uses satellite technology and places chips inside that inform the golfer how fast and far the ball travels, similar to GPS in cars. While an actual product will not be available for a while, Geostate is hoping that eventually the tech can be incorporated into other items such as jogging shoes and pet collars.

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If I were a golfer, I’d so want this smile

the golfer in the picture has only eye. obviously he need a gps system to find the ball. lol .

Never played Golf in my life.seems pretty boring.

I honestly think this would be a good idea, just think of all the different ways the TV stations would be able to use the data to make watching golf more enjoyable!

You must have to be really into golf, like most golfers are, to use this. But to each his own.

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