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Friday July 18, 2008 3:26 pm

General Motors Enlarging Windshield

Enlarging Windshield

General Motors researchers are working on a new windshield that gives those who have vision problems an easier way to see the road. The glass combines lasers, infrared sensors and a camera to enhance images on the road. The combined technology enlarges objects that are already in the driver’s view. While GM feels that the ideal target for this product would be the aging baby boomers, we are all for anyone who can use it and perhaps save a deer or two.


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Now I think this is a good idea, would help someone who is in a thunderstorm, and may help from people wrecking. I think that it would just benefit everyone who had one of these windshields.

Lenny- Auto Glass Dallas Lenny- Auto Glass Dallas 11/15/13 5:10 pm

Wow, now this is a fantastic idea!  Although, the only problem becomes cost.  Here at our auto glass shop in Dallas, we already see the massive difference in price of windshields with electronics in them.  The windshields that come with HUD, rain sensors, light sensors, etc… can get VERY expensive.  I can only imagine what additional technologies would be required for this in the glass.

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