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Friday December 5, 2008 6:41 pm

Gear Live Magic Giveaway: HP Mini 1000, Office 2007, Kung Fu Panda, VideoStudio X

HP Mini 1000

So, our HP Magic Giveaway winner was awesome enough to give back to the community, thus invoking a second giveaway. We’ve got an HP Mini 1000 here, along with a bunch of software as well. Specifically, here’s the prize package:

We’re going to use the same entrance criteria that we used last time, since that seemed to work so well. Here’s how to enter to win:

  1. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Gear Live account
  2. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Twitter account
  3. Add the Gear Live Twitter account to your follow list
  4. On Twitter, post a tweet about our contest and link to this page. In the tweet, include the phrase “#gearlive”.
  5. Once that is done, leave a comment here in this post with a direct link back to your Tweet. Be sure you are signed in to your Gear Live account before you leave the comment.

Here’s an example of an appropriate Twitter entry:
“Entering to win an HP Mini! http://059.qlnk.net/ #gearlive”

BONUS ENTRIES: Want more chances to win? Share the link to our contests on the following sites, and leave us a comment linking to those as well:

  • Facebook: Shared Link
  • Del.icio.us bookmark
  • FriendFeed: Use Post a Link
  • Your blog: Have a site? Link to our contest on it!

Remember: The bonus entries are just that - bonus. In order to be eligible to win, you must complete the core Twitter requirements.

Now, as to the actual contest dates. The contest starts today, December 5th. You have until 11:59 PM PST on December 11th to enter your comments here on this post. We will then announce our winner, chosen randomly out of all valid entrants and bonus points, on December 12th.

Aaaaaand - we’ve got our winner!

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Forum Discussion

Well I want in on an awesome giveaway….so here it is http://twitter.com/ceglow

What a sweet deal…Thanks GearLive

Well, Akismet and Delicious don’t like each other, so I put my delicious link here. I hope it doesn’t bother. Sory for the quadruplecomment =S


My user is “Microutopia”!

Well that was really nice of him to give away the HP Mini notebook.  Good job Ashe.  Thanks for making this contest easy to enter Andru.  I like random contests, they’re really easy to join.

hey!I just posted the add on my twitter u guys! http://www.twitter.com/NikTantardini

Cool giveaway! Thanks for the chance. My daughters would be so happy if I could win this for them. Just joined twitter, and twittered this:
and posted on Facebook:


ZOMG!! I won!!! I’m so stoked! I can’t stop smiling! :D WooHoo!!! Happy Holidays!

Congrats uglyfido =D
Nice to see an actual board member won

Plus, now I’ll be able to post much more often. :D

Congrats Fido. You actually don’t know how happy I am that you actually won. Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah.

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Here is my entry:


Congrats to Ashee - and thanks for continuing the contest!

Here is my entry:



This is my entry http://twitter.com/Alovebaby41/status/1040886472

Please choose me this time!! I really want that Mini 1000: http://twitter.com/leadingzero/status/1040889016

http://twitter.com/home - Great contest

Hmm, last time I tried to post it didn’t show up.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/marcelolynch/status/1040885885

I will be commenting my bonus entries, one coment each!

Thanks for doing this!

Should have entered last contest; not missing this one. http://twitter.com/mcgufbd/statuses/1040904555

Wow, so that means NONE of my entries went in the last contest, cause it said ZERO comments…and now it’s saying 1 comment when I posted it.


Awww! Noes! My delicious comment was catched by Akismet! Cant be!

Tweeted! http://twitter.com/spanishblog/status/1040909390

FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/e/fb76f12c-81aa-49dc-a1b3-45a8fb2b2996/GearLive-Magic-Giveaway-Yessssss/

Noes, Akismet acting again.

How do I post delicious?!

Thanks for the contest

Wow… how awesome that they gave back. I’d love to win.

Tweet: http://twitter.com/laurie_pooh/status/1040916981

I am joining in this contest.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/elkevo369

http://twitter.com/marymcd/status/1040931654 - great contest - I’ve been drooling over the mini…

So, my Facebook link:


I would write a post in my blog, but it’s in spanish…so… wish me luck! :D

another try! smile
as a student this package is still ultra useful for me

My tweet http://twitter.com/auntiethesis/status/1040943778

I shared via your Facebook link and it appears I did it right even though I’‘m a Facebook dummy
(Michelle Hudak on Facebook)

I want to win a dope computer!!!! Here is my entry http://twitter.com/ceglow

Thank You GearLive!!!!

My tweet is here:


And my blog:


Thanks Ashe

My tweet: http://twitter.com/Jayayess1190/status/1040971846

Del.ici.ous: http://delicious.com/Jayayess1190

I’m willing to give it another shot!


I want in on this here it is -



Here’s my twitter posting:


Here’s my first FaceBook posting.  Hope I did it right.


http://twitter.com/PlusSizeMommy/statuses/1041012055 Here is my comment on twitter


Thank you so much!  Great contest.

Here is my Twitter tweet:

Here is my Facebook bonus entry shared link:

Oh, about that e-mail I sent out earlier about my password ... It seems that I figured it out wink !! Sorry for all the trouble… I hope it wasn’t any big deal.


my tweet


Here is my Twitter tweeter-tweeter:

Me and Kanye are one in the same; I never win.

Fingers crossed for this one! http://twitter.com/Shamrocker99


Another great contest and a blog link! http://shamrocker99.blogspot.com/

Awesome I need a netbook smile


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=38359732137&h=3vM5x


My Twitter:

This is my entry to the HP Mini contest.

Carlos Vicente

I can’t submit my links T.T it gave me an error.

At last, it seems I can’t use “two points”.






Good luck to everyone and happy holidays.

Sorry the Twitter link was bad, here is the good one.

Trying again!


twitter http://twitter.com/ariflukito/status/1041163759


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