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Friday May 30, 2008 1:50 pm

Fujifilm FinePix Z200fd Cam

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FujifilmZ200fdFujifilm has unveiled its 10 Megapixel FinePix Z200fd. Only 19.8mm thick, the cam has a 5x Fujinon optical zoom lens, 52MB internal memory plus xD-Picture card, SD and SDHC compatibility, and a 2.7-inch high resolution screen. It also has dual image stabilization, face detection technology, VGA movie capture, PictBridge for direct printing, and the new mode of Folder Select for categorization. No price has yet to be announced, but availability is expected this fall.

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This looks like a great camera, the design is sleek!  The price isn’t announced yet though, and that will ultimately determine whether or not I should purchase this camera.  You can definitely get good deals on cheaper cameras these days.  And you may not even need a camera with a lot of megapixels!  Unless you’re enlarging your images a lot.

i was born with very clumsy hand with that kind size it kinda look scary but never the less its a very fine camera worth checking it out..

These new camera’s are all very nice, but you would think they would provide a bit more onboard storage, such as 1GB. I mean, how much would that cost to do? $2?! But its nice they added a SDHC reader, but I still think more internal space should be provided. 19.8mm thick, wow, that’s thin!!

I bet you guys are making mad money for all these comments people are leaving.

This looks very nice.Never used a Fujifilm camera.how much does this cost ?

I like these cameras, but I hate that Fuji and every other point-and-shoot company keeps pushing the megapixels.  Most people who use a point and shoot camera like this don’t need anything larger than 6MP.  If you plan to make larger prints than 8x10, then you should probably be buying a higher quality camera.

this is really nice camera, I want one

I really love the design of this camera… it is amazing to see how much digital cameras have progressed over the last several years—back when 5 megapixels was insanely expensive!  I am curious to find out what the pricing will be though

The 5 colours available include pink, silver, black and black and silver. Too bad it does not have gold since I love that colour so much.

Linu’s just suggested the most pimpin’ camera I’ve heard of so far, anyone come across any diamond encrusted camera before?

Isn’t it kind of useless to have 10MP on a point-and-shoot camera? With such a tiny lens, you can probably only get the equivalent of a 5MP SLR camera…. Plus, anything with “internal storage” is pretty much an automatic swerve away for me…

I currently have the finepix A303 and it works great in a well lit area or outside, but for indoor shots, even with flash, it tends to be blurry. Tripod a must. But this is about 4 years old.

I get blurred pictures with my camera to. i like the features to this camera and the look to. I will have to go and check it out, and maybe get a better camera then the one i got now, this one sounds like it would be better then mine.

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