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Tuesday May 13, 2008 3:30 pm

faxZero Really Means Free

Fax MachineWe get around on the Net a lot, so how come some of us just found out about faxZero? For those of you who may not know either, the site offers you 2 free faxes a day with a maximum of 3 pages. You cut and paste the info or add a file by link and there you go. What’s the catch? A simple cover page with ad which doesn’t count as one of yours.

The site claims over 600,000 faxes have been sent in the last two years and we believe it. And if you fax a lot, their premium service will only set you back $1.99 each (payable by Paypal,) has no ad on the cover page, and you can have up to 15 pages.

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This is good if you need to fax something to someone you know, But If I received a Fax with an Ad on the cover page every day that ate up my ink… I would be trying to find a way to block this service!

Wow only $1.99.Though i don’t have a need for it but i’ll let someone know who needs it.

Nah i would rathe use my local fax shop,its cheaper there.Although this isn’t bad.But it says available in US and canada on its site?

I dont know anyone who faxes anything anymore.  At my business we always just send encrypted e-mails or hand deliver something to them, or even just the old-fashioned way of mailing them a packet of information.  Seems pointless to fax these days…

I again agree with buckeye, who faxes these days. But if you must, do it for free is the way to go.

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